Community Action of Nebraska


What We Do

Every three to five years, Community Action of Nebraska (CAN) revisits and revises its Strategic Plan. In crafting our current Strategic Plan, we considered our desire to be a leader in both finding solutions to poverty and changing the narrative around poverty.

Thanks to our CAN Board of Directors, Staff and consultants, we were able to focus in on three areas: enhancing program development, facilitating training and technical assistance and leading advocacy efforts as the statewide voice for people experiencing poverty.

Our three focus areas produced four goals, which met both the needs of Nebraska’s Community Action Agencies as well as the needs of CAN. Our strategic goals are as follows:

  1. Awareness and Advocacy: CAN influences and implements innovative solutions to address poverty and improve the lives of all Nebraskans.
  2. Network Capacity: CAN facilitates the exchange of expertise, education, and best practices to build the capacity of Community Action Agencies.
  3. Fund Development: Diverse funding streams, designated and undesignated, support our strategic plan goals and activities.
  4. Organizational Development: Staff and Board have the tools they need to advance the mission of CAN.

Through actively working on our strategic goals, CAN is strengthening the Community Action Network to address poverty in Nebraska.

Community Action Agencies (CAAs)

Community Action Agencies in Nebraska work together to address the causes and conditions of poverty. Through programs and services such as those listed below, Agencies work to move low-income Nebraskans from economic instability to economic mobility.
  • housing
  • health and wellness
  • food and nutrition
  • child development
  • transportation
  • asset development
  • employment programs
  • disaster relief
  • veteran’s services

In 2022, Community Action Agencies in Nebraska served 92,636 people, provided 422,452 total services and assisted 23,710 people with achieving one or more outcomes in the Employment, Education, Income and Asset Building, Housing, Health and Social/Behavioral, and Civic Engagement and Community Involvement domains. 


Click HERE for our Nebraska Community Action Network Directory.