Community Action of Nebraska


How You Can Help


We need all Nebraskans to eliminate poverty.

So…how can YOU get involved?



Advocate and Educate!


If you were born and raised in Nebraska, you might remember learning about our unique government – the ONLY Unicameral.
Watch the video below from The Coalition for a Strong Nebraska to learn more!

Coalition for a Strong Nebraska | How a bill becomes a law in NE!

Advocacy doesn’t always mean heading to the State Capitol and testifying on a bill. You can do your part by speaking to your local, state and national representatives!


  • Encourage them to take action and support the needs of low-income individuals and families in our communities.
  • Educate community leaders about the impacts of poverty. Your voice matters, and so do the voices of our neighbors.

Community Engagement

We highly recommend the Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) – 
an unforgettable experience where participants are immersed in the realities of poverty.
This interactive event is designed to be a powerful tool, producing and increasing sensitivity, and ultimately, transforming perspectives.


Head to our National Partnership’s website by clicking here to learn more. You can download the presentation slides as well. Connect with our office to find out how to get started!

And don’t forget to VOTE!